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www.AgCommoditiesInc.com Date Paste is fast becoming a popular sweetener and alternative to regular table sugar due to its fiber content and other nutritional values. Date Paste carries all the exceptional qualities of its mother source, date. Often called the 'edible date', dates were among the very first fruits cultivated on earth. A product of dry subtropical climatic conditions, the date was initially native to Middle East countries only but today it is planted in areas like North Africa, Iraq, Iran, and the Coachella valley in California near Palm Springs. The 'Bahri', 'Dayri' and 'Khadrawy' of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, 'Medjool' of Morocco and 'Saidy' of Libya are some of the most famous varieties of dates. This soft, syrupy and extremely sweet fruit is consumed raw and also help in to produce cubes, date paste, spread, powder (date sugar), jam, jelly, juice, syrup, vinegar or alcohol. www.AgCommoditiesInc.com  among these by products of date, date paste is the most popular and common one.

Dates grow in clusters below the fronds on a date palm tree and most owners prefer to handpick the dates by clearing out the thorny leaves. When the dates reach their full sweetness and flavor, they are de-seeded and boiled in water with other components to prepare Date Paste.The easiest preparation of date paste is to first mix the dates with water, sodium bicarbonate and cinnamon powder. Boil the mixture for about ten minutes till it becomes soft. Then add to flour mixed with salt and water.The entire amalgamation is stirred on a low fire for about five minutes.After the fire is put off, the paste is allowed to stand and cool for some time.This date paste can then be served either in the pure form or with a topping of butter oil.

Date paste
is an alluring sweetener with all the qualities of sugar without any loss of flavor and other sensory characteristics. www.AgCommoditiesInc.com  delicious and nourishing, it is basically an intermediate product and healthy food snack, which can be eaten even when on the move. Date paste is also used in the preparation of a variety of foods to enhance taste. Whether it's mixed in a salad or baked into a delicious date muffin, all over the world, chefs used Date Paste to complement a variety of menus. This naturally sweet desert treat is also used to produce various food products like cubes, syrup, spreads, liquid sugars, sugar powder, alcohols and pastes.

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